Monday, September 15, 2008

Dreaming of Budapest

Hungarian Nation Day, 20 Aug

Red Bull Air Race

Sziget Festival


Party Tent
Sushi at our place.
The Chain Bridge

National horse riding competition at Hero's Square

Home, and all too common!
A common ailment, alcoholism
The Synagogue

The Trabant, anything but quality.

The statue of liberty

Hungarian dancing

St. Istvan's Basilica 

Central Market

Szimpla, under construction
Hero's Square
Tokaj wine

After an interesting 5.5 months in beautiful Budapest, it is time to reflect on the experience. An incredibly dynamic and active city which goes way beyond what it appears in the first few days wandering the wide avenues and narrow streets. As the summer rolls around the streets rapidly fill with activity, from music to riots, protests to peace marches, football games to fireworks and everything in between. Then there are the hidden clubs on Margaret Island and scattered along the banks of the Danube, the old favorite, Szoda which is hidden behind a rather obscure facade and an entry that looks more like that of a factory. Throw in Sziget festival, a bike or two and some amazing hot pools into the mix and you've got Budapest. The general glum nature of the Hungarians is totally overshadowed by the wonderfully vibrant and warm few that I was lucky enough to get to know, along with the Hungarians (as they became known) there is a lively and large group of ex-pats from far and wide doing a range of things, and generally enjoying themselves, why not stay a while?
Hungary has been batted down time and time again by everyone and anyone who can spread their might over the boarder. This has certainly affected the people as a whole, corruption is still a major issue as well as right wing groups. On top of this, low incomes and high taxes make life for the average Hungarian pretty tough.
Here I am sitting in my room in Sweden realising what a great time it all was... new things are on the go. If anyone is interested in what I do, I have posted an article from a Swedish newspaper, you can at least look at the photos or drop me an email and I will certainly explain. For the next few months, the adventures will be mostly in the lab (I'm sure I'll squeeze a few other things in along the way too...)