Monday, May 19, 2008

Doing something for nothing (and everything)

Soon to be neighbors and friends.
Habitat for Humanity houses in Csurgó, Hungary.
The Family
Working hard...
Adding the final touches to the floor.
Not a bad job for amateurs
The team

There is a humbled silence as a tear wells up and rolls down her face. The gratitude she fells can be felt even though her words are foreign. Soon after a quick translation reveals the depth of her words. It is hard for her to imagine why it would mean so much to someone to come all the way to this small village in Hungary to voluntarily help her family build a new home to allow her young family to escape the mould and dampness of their current residence. The children will finally be given a chance to overcome their asthma, a chance they otherwise may not have gotten. For the 11 volunteers it is even more difficult to explain to her that having the means to be able to do this for them is something of a delight, a pleasure and most of all a way of reducing inequality in the world while creating an incredible sense of camaraderie and understanding between many countries. Around 150 volunteers from many countries are involved in the construction of each home. Each one bringing their own unique skills and motivations to construct a building that looks very similar to the previous one from the outside, but on closer inspection is very unique as every detail has been completed by a different person who brings their own unique flair to the job at hand.
If you are interested in getting involved, have a look at Habitat for Humanity.


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