Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Zealand

It is easy to spend a long time on the road without realising what you have at home! After being in New Zealand now for almost 5 months, it is again time for me to put my pack on a head out again. I have put some photos in that sum up my few months in this amazing country!
THe next month will be spent in Sweden followed by two weeks in the US before 3.5 months in South America, I will be updating the blog when I can along the way...until then!
Fishing with Dad at home in Golden Bay
Caving at Cave Stream
Climbing at Castle Hill
Fire on the beach at the Hokitika Wildfood Festival

Climbing Mt. Owen in Kahurangi National Park

Kea on the top of Parapara Peak behind my house.
Marlborough Wine and Food Festival
A swim after a hard day on the mountain.
The old crater of Mt. Ruapehu
The glacier calving into the crater lake on Mt. Ruapehu
The new crater on Mt. Ruapehu which burst some weeks later
sending millions of liters of water into the valley below.

Mt. Ngarahoe from the slopes of Ruapehu

Another great spot for a swim!
Walking back up the slopes of Mt. Tongariro

The crater of Mt. Tongariro

The beach at my place in Golden Bay

Cycling the Rainbow Road through the Molesworth Station

Wharariki Beach in Golden Bay

One of the West Coast glaciers.
The West Coast
Hitching back to our car in Te Anau
Milford Sound
The Milford Track trampers...

Mike and Mark going into the 580 m Sutherland Falls!

The top of the pass at christmas time, with snow!

"The big fruit" in Cromwell
Lake Tekapo



At 9:32 pm, Blogger Christin in Abisko said...

Så fina bilder!!! Förstår att du saknat NZ när du har varit ute och rest. Hoppas jag kan komma på besök någon gång.

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