Sunday, October 22, 2006

To Everest and Back on Foot

Sunrise, relief from the -15 degree night.
Mt. Everest, 8848 m
Everest ahead, Cho Oyu to the right, what more do you need?
Crossing the ridge for the first real view of the hill.
River crossing, very icy on our return as a storm moved in.
Mt. Cho Yyo at the head of the valley, 8156 m
Another chilly start to the day!
Nomads moving through the highlands
in preparation for the winter.
Three Yak herders enjoying a cup of teas and biscuits
in the wind at 4850 m and -5 degrees.
Looks easy from here! Just 3648 m above (and 40 degrees colder)!
Mt. Everest Base camp, 5200 m

Leaving Lhasa we caught public transport and hitch hiked to the Nepali border along the Northern Friendship Highway, stopping to hike with our lives on our backs to within17 km of the peak of Everest at a maximum altitude of 5360 m and temperatures down to -17 degrees. Walking a total distance of 140 km in 7 nights from Tingri which is about half way between Lhasa and Kathmandu.


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