Monday, July 21, 2008

Rushing Romania

Synagogue in Brasov
The Carpathian Mountains
Nearing the top after a very steep walk from the valley floor.

A precarious Romanian mountain goat

I guess it's obvious where this is...
Searching for wild bears in the forrest, ranger came later
and told us he had seen them here the day before.

Munching the last morsel of bread and feeling rather faint after 12 hours on the train without more than half a dry loaf of bread and some water, I arrive back in Budapest knowing that I need more time in Romania. Bubbling with beautiful mountains, lakes and wild bears, as well as many mystical castles, villages and the odd tacky hollywood style sign, Romania is a country of surprises... much more next time I hope, in the meantime, next destination: Turkey!


At 1:37 pm, Anonymous TulipMania said...

I am reading your blog on March 21, 2010. Have you ever returned to Romania? The mountain pictures are particularly alluring. My husband and I are expecting to travel to Romania in June. (Not biking, but perhaps hiking.)

At 5:24 am, Blogger John Bùi said...

Thanks for sharing this news. Hopefully waiting for some positive changes due to this new initiative.


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