Friday, August 08, 2008

Teaming up on Turkey

Underground city near Kapadokia.
Rooms extend to 8 stories underground
Turkish insect

A tasty snack
Björk conecrt in Istanbul
Shisha boy in Istanbul
Shisha and backgammon
Mosque in Istanbul
Fishing in the Golden Horn, Istanbul
The New Mosque, Istanbul
One of Turkey's million stray cats
The New Mosque, Istanbul
The Golden Horn with the Taksim district behind

Outdoor dining
The Bosphorus, Istanbul

Aya Sophia Mosque, Istanbul

Aya Sophia
Aya Sophia, which was a church before being converted.
Aya Sophia
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Blue Mosque

Lessons in the Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque
Photo shoot in Kapadokia

Dwellings built into the rock in Kapadokia

Paintings inside the dug out rooms in the hills

The Whirling Dervishes of Konya
Castle in the rock

Caravan Serai, a resting place for travelers in the distant past
Market in Konya
Women relaxing in massage chairs at a roadside rest
Mountains near the south coast

Fires of Chimaera, gas spontaneously escapes and
burns continuously from the rock here
Baby turtle as it makes struggles towards the water from the egg
Baby turtle reaching the sea for the first time
Grown turtle crossing the highway
Beach at Kabak
In search of the illusive waterfall

Efesus, once a city of 200,000

Testing the facilities
The former library
The arena which once seated 28,000
Models of the boats being constructed in Urla
The real thing, which will be rowed and sailed to France
Turkish delights!
A relaxing view

A reconstructed olive crusher
Olive oil press
The olives are placed into the bags before pressing
Then the oil is separated in the pits behind
And transported around the Mediterranean in these
On boats like this one

Another replica built there
Watermelons, mmmmmmmmmmm....
Bakery in Urla
The boat 6 months from completion
The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Turkish lamps

Turkish delights

Istanbul by night

The Sultan's Palace

Turkey is a land of extreme diversity, with Europe lapping the west and Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and Georgia surrounding the east, the political, social and economic effects can be felt and seen throughout the country. These forces combine to make it exceedingly difficult to reach consensus on anything. At the same time this has created a melting pot of cultures, ideas, ideals and people that leeds to conversation long into the night. Two weeks is not enough to put it into words, so the pictures tell the tail of a land that bridges all these realities into one exceptionally warm and friendly country.

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At 5:29 pm, Blogger Mókus said...

amazing, i think im going pretty soon!

At 7:35 am, Blogger Ntikumahs Journey said...

lovely pictures. as a new blogger, i really take inspiration from this...


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