Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful Bolivia in far too little time...

Lake Titicaca from Isla del Sol
The high ranges from Isla del Sol
Young girl with donkey in Isla del Sol
Lake Titicaca
Isla del Sol
Buses crossing the channel on barges on Isla del Sol
The highlands outside La Paz at 4000 m
One of the more than 500 peaks over 5000 m in these ranges.
La Paz, Bolivia
Street markets
Central La Paz

A train grave outside Uyuni, Bolivia
Salt directly from the Salar de Uyuni at 3860 m
Piles of salt collected to dry and then sell
The shrinking effect of the salt...
A volcano at the north of the Salar
Llama herds near the salt
A giant cactus on an ¨island¨ in the salt
The slat flats covering more than 2000 km2
Just dried salt...
Sunset on the salt

A hotel made totally of salt - walls, floor, tables, decorations...
The railroad to Chile


The so called ¨Stone tree¨
¨The lake of Colours¨
The red water of the lake of colours.
Sunrise over the steaming ground at 5000 m
A large fumarole
The earth is alive...

Ice around the edges and boiling mud in the middle
A steaming hot pool along the roadside
The rocks that inspired Dahli

The green lake
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Off sand boarding in San Pedro
Sand boarding
Hitch hiking the 700 km to Salta, Argentina from San Pedro, Chile
Our trusty chemical truck with our bags tied to the top.
¨No passengers allowed¨ because of the dangerous load, he took
us there faster (and a lot cheaper) than the bus.

With the days quickly ticking away before my flight back to NZ, I had to make the most of it. The photos tell the story of just a few of the wonders of Bolivia, definitely a place to return to. Enjoy...